Have a Spectacular Winter Wedding with These Stunning Details

By December 22, 2017 Weddings
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Have a Spectacular Winter Wedding with These Stunning Details


Winter isn’t the traditional season for weddings, but it can provide an incredible setting for your perfect wedding ceremony. Highlighting the beauty of the season is an excellent way to create a unique wedding that you and your guests will always remember.

Winter weddings also bring practical benefits. Most of your venue and vendors will charge less for off-season services, so you can spend more of your budget on those special extras that make your wedding stand out from the rest.

Let these winter wedding ideas spark your imagination and get you started on planning the ultimate winter wedding.



Wedding planning often starts with choosing colors that you will use for your flowers, décor, and other details at your ceremony and reception. Winter offers some spectacular colors and themes.

  • White — Turn your wedding ceremony into a white wonderland by choosing white for your entire event. This bold and dramatic choice will give a sense of elegance and sophistication to your wedding day. Another variation on this theme would be to use white with accents in ivory.
  • Brown and Forest Green — Cold weather can conjure up images of a ski lodge or a cabin in the woods. Take advantage of this cozy idea by using browns and dark greens in your décor. It makes a beautiful backdrop for a rustic, barn wedding and goes well with mason jars, wooden displays, and burlap fabric.
  • Green and Red — Making use of the holiday season can provide a magical setting for your wedding as well as save some money if your church or other venue is already decorated. Deep burgundy and emerald green are a great combination. Use a gorgeously decorated tree as a focal point at your reception.
  • Blue and Silver — Light blue with silver accents will mimic the natural beauty of snow and ice. The silver creates shimmer and sparkle. Add crystals to your accents to play up the theme.



Use soft lighting for a warm and inviting atmosphere. Point filtered lights at the ceiling, and place soft lights at food stations or reception tables.

Candles are an elegant choice for evening weddings in winter. They give a glow that cannot easily be mimicked by electric lights, and they help to create a cozy feeling.

Soft blue lighting may work with your décor, especially if you are using blue and silver.

One fun lighting option is to have snowflake-shaped lights reflected on the dance floor and around the room during your reception.

If your wedding is holiday themed, place strings of lit garland all around the room and along the edges of tables.


Centerpieces and Tables

You have many options when it comes to centerpieces and other table decorations at your winter wedding. Mix and match different styles depending on your theme and colors.

  • Ice Sculptures — Ice is the ultimate winter decoration. Have a shining, beautiful sculpture created for your reception using your initials or a subject that goes with your theme.
  • Snow Globes — You can create or buy oversized snow globes to use as centerpieces at your reception tables. Choose glittery versions powered by batteries so guests won’t have to shake them.
  • Sleigh — A small wooded sleigh filled with flowers is perfect as a centerpiece or decoration for your cake table.
  • Pinecones — Place various sized pinecones around candles or vases. Your pinecones can be natural, or you can spray paint them in white or with glitter paint.
  • Ornaments — You can find beautiful ornaments everywhere during the winter season. Use a cluster of silver or white ornaments for a sophisticated centerpiece, or use bright colors for something more festive. Mistletoe and berries are another great way to add color.
  • Candy Canes — Tie two candy canes together with a ribbon to place at your guest’s table settings.
  • Log Slices — Log slices are excellent as a base for table decorations. Use several in a grouping or simply put some flowers on top of one.



Flowers are typically a substantial part of any wedding. You can go bold or traditional for your winter wedding flowers. Keep in mind that flowers out of season may be more expensive than those that are readily available.

  • Roses — Roses are the traditional flower of romance and love, so it’s not surprising that they are the most popular choice for weddings. Deep red or burgundy roses are gorgeous for a winter wedding. Have your florist add subtle glitter to the edges to give them an icy sparkle.
  • White Bouquets — If you are choosing an all-white theme, you will want your flowers to reflect that. Most flowers are available in white. A completely white bouquet with one dark red rose makes a dramatic statement. Baby’s breath is a delicate and whimsical addition to any white arrangement. It also looks good on a boutonniere or in your hair.
  • Holiday Flowers — If you are lucky, your venue may already be decorated with poinsettias and other flowers commonly used during the holidays. Holy and ivy are beautiful choices for bouquets with a holiday flavor, and floral arrangements in the shape of Christmas trees are sure to bring smiles to your guests.
  • Bare Branches — One way to make your winter wedding exceptionally distinctive is to forget flowers altogether. Instead, use clusters of bare branches from trees. Add strings of crystals or lights to create elegant sparkle and shine. Another option is to paint bare tree branches white or with glitter paint.
  • Rosemary — Sprigs of rosemary are lovely tied to napkins or attached to place cards. They also smell amazing.



Be sure to choose your clothing and that of your wedding party with the winter season in mind. Some winter brides make the mistake of picking a dress that is out of place in a winter ceremony.

  • Sleeves or Jacket — A strapless gown can look wrong in a winter setting. If your wedding is going to be held in colder months, consider a dress with sleeves. Even sheer, lace sleeves will add a sense of warmth to your gown. If you’ve fallen for a sleeveless gown, consider adding a jacket or bolero. You can take it off during the ceremony and put it back on for outdoor pictures. Also remember that your bridesmaids need to be kept warm, too. Choose gowns with sleeves or a jacket for them.
  • Faux Fur — Fluffy faux fur coats or jackets are perfect for a winter wedding. They look fantastic when photographed in the snow.
  • Capes and Muffs — Create warmth using fun winter accessories like capes and muffs for your wedding party as well as yourself. Velvet capes are gorgeous on bridesmaids, give you a seasonal look and add a practical layer. Muffs are beautifully old-fashioned and look great when bridesmaids are standing in a row together.



Winter dining should include food that is warm and hearty. Don’t forget a few treats as well.

  • Soups — Soup is a wonderfully warming food that offers an almost unlimited variety. Have several different soups that guests can choose from, or invite them to sample each type. You can serve your soup at a formal, sit-down dinner in bowls, or you can call it an appetizer. Divide the soup up among shot glasses or other small stemware so guests can walk with it.
  • Cocoa Bar — Bars that allow guests to create culinary works of their own are trendy at wedding receptions. That is because a bar makes a cute display, and guests get what they want. Set up a hot cocoa bar with two of three different types of cocoa. Then offer guests anything they might want to add. Include marshmallows, chocolate chips, cinnamon, whipped cream, and sprinkles.
  • Fresh Doughnuts — Your reception will smell like a dream when you have your caterer make up some fresh donuts on the spot. Nothing tastes better.
  • S’mores — If you’re choosing a winter forest theme, don’t forget the s’mores. Set up stations with burners so guests can toast their own. If you have access to an outside area, consider a campfire for a real s’mores experience.



Send your gifts home with something special to help them remember the winter wedding experience.

  • Blankets — Cozy throws make a wonderful wedding favor. Offer them as guests arrive so they can be used during the ceremony.
  • Tree Saplings — Top off your winter forest wedding by giving guest tree saplings to plant themselves. The trees will grow as the years go by and will be excellent reminders of your wedding day.
  • Jar Mixes — Give guests a tasty mix to take home. You can create a personalized cocoa mix, hot cider mix or even a brownie mix. Pour the mixes into canning jars, and tie a ribbon around the tops with instructions.
  • Maple Syrup — Locally produced maple syrup is a fun treat that friends and family will appreciate.

Your winter wedding can easily be the most memorable event guests will attend all year. Start with a theme, and then use these ideas to create a magical winter celebration that is all your own.

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