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February 2018

Choosing Your Flowers For a Summer Wedding

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By: Nathan Starr

When you are busy planning your summer wedding, there is a lot to think about. You need to choose the location, select your preferred colors and theme, and of course find the perfect dress. Another important part of decorating for the wedding and reception is choosing your flowers. The wedding flowers are not only for decorating, but they are often used in your bouquet as well. Here are some tips for choosing flowers that are perfect for a summer wedding.

Consider Summer-Only Florals

You may live somewhere that has a mild climate where most flowers grow year-round, but why not take the opportunity to choose flowers only available in the summer? This makes your wedding more unique because weddings during other seasons will never be using them unless they aren’t using fresh flowers. Some beautiful flowers that are only available in summer include chamomile daisies, wildflowers, freesia, and poppy pods. You can also go with something like the lovely helios garden rose.

Go With Bright and Bold

Many couples like to take advantage of the season and go a little brighter and bolder with their wedding flowers. This is a great time to really add some color and life to your wedding décor. Don’t be afraid to go bright with colors like fuchsia, bright green, or a  more subtle violet. Summer wildflowers are often found in these shades, as well as some roses. If your summer wedding is going to be outside, teal and turquoise are always an excellent choice like the cremon or chrysanthemum. You can also go vibrant with yellow sunflowers for a happy and sunny event. With a summer wedding a little closer to fall, deeper colors like magenta and dark purple are good choices, which you can find in many lilies and daisies.

Consider a Classy Rose Look

If you want a classy summer wedding, one of the best flower options is the garden rose. There are many colors to choose from, so you can select just one color, or go a little bolder with multiple colors. These look beautiful with other flowers as well, like peonies or daisies. With garden roses, you can choose from summery colors like orange helios, pink romantic antique roses, or light pinkish-peach David Austin Juliet roses. There are also, of course, classic yellow and white roses if you want a more romantic look for your summer wedding.

Talk to a nearby florist about their summer flower selection so you can choose the perfect florals for a perfect wedding.