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Dancing Elk - Vibrant Colors for Your Winter Wedding

Vibrant Colors for Your Winter Wedding

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Vibrant Colors for Your Winter Wedding

If you’re planning a winter wedding, you have the perfect excuse for super-vibrant colors in your bridal attire. A dark, murky day will call for bright colors, and a frosty one will need some warm, dazzling hues to melt it. These suggestions will set your imagination spinning:

Warming gold

A soft, golden glow will bring welcome warmth on a chilly day. Delicate gold flecks or beading over your dress or veil, for instance, will melt the snowy white of your outfit deliciously. Catch the sparkle in gold touches elsewhere, such as your shoes, purse or necklace.

Glittering silver

A silvery tint to your gown will blend with the frosty scene in sparkling, winter sunshine. But if sunshine is lacking on the day, your silver touches will compensate, glittering brightly and dancing with reflections. Silver lace over white fabric is an attractive combination, while a sparkling, silver tiara will stand out strikingly over a flowing veil. Perhaps reflect these tints in a silvery accessory.

Snowy blue

Pale blue and white make a pretty combination, bringing to mind fresh snow and sparkling ice as well as blue skies. Bring in your soft, blue traces in light touches, perhaps in a ribbon or sash, a band around the hem or embroidery on the bodice. A glassy, blue pendent with matching earrings will enhance the effect. The bright, fresh look will celebrate a fine day and light up a murky one.

Heart-warming magenta

Deep, sunset pink against a white gown brings gorgeous contrasts of warm and cool. The pink will also bring a romantic, feminine glow to the white. There are many types of pink, but a peachy, magenta shade will have the warmest feel. For a big impact, consider a magenta faux-fur cape and muff, or a pink shawl around your shoulders. For a lighter touch, bring a soft sheen of pink into your dress or veil, through netting, lace or another fine fabric, or let the rosy hue twinkle in your tiara and jewelry. How about pink shoes and stockings, too, for zesty detail?

Flame orange

A flash of fiery orange or red in your costume will warm up the coldest day. The vibrant glow will also symbolize the strength and glory of your marriage. A flame-colored shawl, cape or muff will catch all eyes, or you might simply carry a flame-red bouquet.

Hints of spring

If you’re getting married early in the new year, you might like to embrace the coming spring in your attire. A hint of leaf-green or primrose-yellow, for instance, will reflect the birth of the new year – and a new life ahead for you and your partner. A delicate leaf or bud design will create this effect charmingly, and you could repeat it in earrings or other jewelry, or in a pretty, spring posy.

There are a thousand and one ways to bring a dazzle to your winter wedding, so choose your favorite tints and see where they take you. But remember to dress warm, as well as looking warm, then you can relax and let your own, inner warmth shine out.