The ‘Yes’ to ‘I Do’ Checklist

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The ‘Yes’ to ‘I Do’ Checklist

Preparing for a wedding can be hard work, and to accommodate that issue we have compiled a fine list of things to do through each stage of wedding preparations. By following this list it should give you a good basis on which to keep track of your wedding, while still leaving room for a personalized flair.

The Engagement Phase

  • Say “Yes!”
  • Tell all of your friends and family
  • Breathe
  • Put aside money for the wedding and all it entails

The Post-Engagement Phase

  • Confirm date of the wedding
  • Plan out how large your wedding will be
  • Plan out the wedding party
  • Select a venue and book it for both reception and ceremony
  • Send out invitations
  • Go dress/tuxedo hunting (including for wedding party)
  • Arrange flowers for centerpieces, décor, etc for the big day
  • Contact a catering company to plan for the reception
  • Contact a bakery for the wedding cake
  • Breathe
  • Select the theme of the wedding and the ideal décor
  • Potential: Create a wish-list for guests to purchase gifts off of
  • Plan the honeymoon

Closer to the Wedding

  • Book hair appointments
  • Arrange table settings and hall layout
  • Double check that the caterer is still okay
  • Double check that the florist is still okay
  • Double check that the bakery is still okay
  • Double check that the dress/suits are still okay
  • Double check that the venue is still okay
  • Breathe
  • Prepare centerpieces for the wedding if necessary
  • Potential: Create wedding keepsakes (such as a small box of chocolates)
  • Plan the bar (if applicable, and not dealt with through catering company)
  • Write vows
  • Decided on who shall be allowed to give a speech at the reception
  • Apply for marriage license
  • Arrange transportation to the wedding
  • Check the weather for the wedding day
  • Arrange for a DJ, as well as an MC

The Big Day (and just before it)

  • Breathe
  • Get hair/makeup done
  • Arrange for the cake/ flowers to be set up in the venue
  • Put on dresses/tuxes (don’t forget underwear and socks!)
  • Look out the window to check the weather
  • Place a box for cards, and set a gift table
  • Prepare some activity to make the happy couple (you) kiss during the reception
  • Stock bar for the reception, if not already dealt with
  • If wearing high-heels, pack extra shoes (such as flats)
  • Don’t forget the ring!
  • Don’t forget your vows!
  • Breathe
  • Take the previously planned form of transportation
  • Put away this checklist, because you are going to be walking down the aisle soon

There you have it- a complete checklist to get you from ‘Yes’ to ‘I do’ in relative safety. By following this list you should ensure that your event is going to be a raging success. Now stop worrying about this checklist and get on with the wedding, this is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, not a test you need to study for! Best of luck!

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