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How To Decorate for A Quinceanera

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How To Decorate for A Quinceanera

A Quinceanera, or “Quince” for short, is a Latin American tradition that celebrates a young woman’s 15th birthday. The Quinceanera is designed to mark the transition from a girl into a woman and often involves activities symbolic of this change. A Quinceanera is generally a fairly formal affair, with the Quinceanera herself dressed in a gown and possibly a tiara. The party is often held in a reception hall with food, drinks, music and dancing.

Identify a theme for the party based on the Quinceanera’s interests. Figure out some guidelines before you start so that you end up with a cohesive design throughout the reception hall. Some ideas for themes include all-white, 1920s Chicago, winter wonderland, New York City, red carpet premier or an enchanted forest.

Rent furniture and tableware. Use your guest list to determine how much seating you need available and how many tables you need for food and drinks if the event isn’t catered. Reserve tables, chairs, linens, tableware and flatware ahead of time so you can pick them up the day you need them. Shop around to find colors and styles of linen and tableware that match your theme. It is particularly important to find the right colors if your theme is a certain color.

Decorate the tables. Come up with centerpieces for each table or hire a florist to design arrangements that complement your theme. Centerpieces don’t have to be bouquets; let your theme be your guide. For example, a 1920s-themed party could feature dyed ostrich feather plumes as centerpieces. The Quinceanera and her close family and friends, or her “court,” should be seated at a special head table. You may want the head table to feature a larger or more eye-catching centerpiece.

Create mood lighting. The room’s lighting is an integral part of setting a mood for the party. To create low lighting, hang string lights around the ceiling and wrap them around banisters and pillars. Candles also create an intimate atmosphere for guests to visit and dine by. Distribute pillar candle or tea lights around the room and on tables. If there is a dance floor, ask the DJ about any lighting that she or he may provide.

Tip: Remember that the Quinceanera symbolizes the change from a girl to a woman; avoid childish birthday party conventions like embarrassing party hats.