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June 2019

Important Elements to Consider When Choosing a Venue for Your Business Event

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When you are planning to organize a business event, the most important task is to choose the venue. The quality of the venue can have a major impact on the entire event and satisfaction level of your guests as well. Most business professionals find it difficult to make decisions about the right venue for their events.

In general, this decision is derived by three major factors: desired space, size of the event, and the estimated budget. When you are planning to host a big event, it is good to book your venue at least 4 to 6 months advance as it will give you ample time to organize your catering, brochure design and marketing as well. Here are several highlighted elements to consider in choosing the venue with the most potential for your event.

Prioritize Logistics

Logistics is an essential factor for venue selection. In case you are planning a local event, it is good to choose a venue that is located at a reasonable distance from major access points. If people will be attending the event from other cities, it is better to find a venue near airports, metro stations with easy access to hotels as well.

Make sure your venue can be searched through GPS maps and that it is possible to give clear driving directions to the attendees. In addition, check if your venue can provide ample parking space with discounted fees for attendees if possible.

Maximum Seating Capacity

In determining your venue’s maximum capacity, start by preparing an estimated list of the number of attendees. If you are offering entry with pre-registration for the event, it is possible to get a clear count in advance. Once you know the estimated size of the event, it will be easier to select the venue with the desired capacity.

Also, do not focus exclusively on seating capacity, but think about the comfort of your guests as well. Have the proper cooling and heating systems arranged if there are abnormal weather conditions expected ahead of the event.

Adjacent Facilities

When there is an event with a large number of people concentrated in one place, it is also important to consider any nearby amenities and facilities as well. Experts advise looking for a venue where there are proper facilities for setup, cleaning, catering, AV capabilities, and Wi-Fi access. Depending upon the type of event – whether it is a conference, product launch or marketing session – you may also need audio-visual aids and music set up to maximize the experience of your guests.

Cost of the Venue

The cost of your venue is an essential consideration during the planning process. Before you finalize the venue for the event, it is important to get quotes for the cost. It is better to compare multiple locations on the basis of price and quality of services. You do not have to compromise quality for the sake of lower costs, but at the same time, make sure the costs are reasonable.

As business managers and marketers grow more sophisticated with promoting their events, choosing a venue becomes more valuable. By taking into account costs, good logistics, accommodations, and capacity, you can improve your chances of selecting the most rewarding venue. As you plan with your team, outline these steps with your team to narrow down the most relevant and dynamic locations for your event.