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Dancing Elk - Vibrant Colors for Your Winter Wedding

Vibrant Colors for Your Winter Wedding

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Vibrant Colors for Your Winter Wedding

If you’re planning a winter wedding, you have the perfect excuse for super-vibrant colors in your bridal attire. A dark, murky day will call for bright colors, and a frosty one will need some warm, dazzling hues to melt it. These suggestions will set your imagination spinning:

Warming gold

A soft, golden glow will bring welcome warmth on a chilly day. Delicate gold flecks or beading over your dress or veil, for instance, will melt the snowy white of your outfit deliciously. Catch the sparkle in gold touches elsewhere, such as your shoes, purse or necklace.

Glittering silver

A silvery tint to your gown will blend with the frosty scene in sparkling, winter sunshine. But if sunshine is lacking on the day, your silver touches will compensate, glittering brightly and dancing with reflections. Silver lace over white fabric is an attractive combination, while a sparkling, silver tiara will stand out strikingly over a flowing veil. Perhaps reflect these tints in a silvery accessory.

Snowy blue

Pale blue and white make a pretty combination, bringing to mind fresh snow and sparkling ice as well as blue skies. Bring in your soft, blue traces in light touches, perhaps in a ribbon or sash, a band around the hem or embroidery on the bodice. A glassy, blue pendent with matching earrings will enhance the effect. The bright, fresh look will celebrate a fine day and light up a murky one.

Heart-warming magenta

Deep, sunset pink against a white gown brings gorgeous contrasts of warm and cool. The pink will also bring a romantic, feminine glow to the white. There are many types of pink, but a peachy, magenta shade will have the warmest feel. For a big impact, consider a magenta faux-fur cape and muff, or a pink shawl around your shoulders. For a lighter touch, bring a soft sheen of pink into your dress or veil, through netting, lace or another fine fabric, or let the rosy hue twinkle in your tiara and jewelry. How about pink shoes and stockings, too, for zesty detail?

Flame orange

A flash of fiery orange or red in your costume will warm up the coldest day. The vibrant glow will also symbolize the strength and glory of your marriage. A flame-colored shawl, cape or muff will catch all eyes, or you might simply carry a flame-red bouquet.

Hints of spring

If you’re getting married early in the new year, you might like to embrace the coming spring in your attire. A hint of leaf-green or primrose-yellow, for instance, will reflect the birth of the new year – and a new life ahead for you and your partner. A delicate leaf or bud design will create this effect charmingly, and you could repeat it in earrings or other jewelry, or in a pretty, spring posy.

There are a thousand and one ways to bring a dazzle to your winter wedding, so choose your favorite tints and see where they take you. But remember to dress warm, as well as looking warm, then you can relax and let your own, inner warmth shine out.

Wedding Tasks that You Should Never Do by Yourself

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Wedding Tasks that You Should Never Do by Yourself

Your wedding is arguably one of the biggest days of your life, so it’s perfectly understandable if you expect it to be flawless. There’s also no crime in wanting to save as much money as possible. To that end, it might seem sensible to cover some of the bases on your own, but the truth is that you’re playing with fire. To guarantee a perfect wedding, it’s crucial to know when to quit Googling DIY articles and just hire a professional.

Food and Beverages

Even if you enjoy cooking, preparing meals for dozens of guests will kill anyone’s appetite. Not to worry, because wedding reception venues offer catering. Yes, it’s one of the biggest expenses, but you have options.

Alcohol makes up a large chunk of the refreshments, and nothing makes guests’ eyes light up more than the words “open bar”; however, the price makes it doubtful that you’ll share such enthusiasm. There’s also the concern that Uncle Steve might turn into his obnoxious alter ego once he’s had a few gin and tonics. A cash bar solves both the aforementioned problems. You won’t be billed for all that alcohol, and the cost will deter most people from going too hard on the booze.


It’s your wedding day, so capturing every moment is critical. Perhaps you have a friend with a decent camera who likes to take pictures of birds and trees as a hobby — seems qualified enough, right? Wrong. There’s much, much more to professional photography than knowing how to aim a camera. Equipment means nothing if the person using it doesn’t understand angles, lighting, backgrounds and the many other factors that we laypeople simply don’t know about.

A photographer may be on the pricier side, but remember that you get what you pay for. Ask a friend to handle the pictures for free, and chances are you’re going to get a lot of half-baked, poorly timed or unfocused results. Pros have training and experience, which you can easily verify by asking for references, interviewing and shopping around.


Music is a big deal at weddings. It helps get the party started and keeps it going; however, your guests will vary in their music tastes, so creating your own playlist forces your preferences on them. It’s safe to say that Grandma and Grandpa won’t be as fond of hip-hop, pop or rap as their teenaged grandchildren.

A professional DJ understands the importance of a varied music library. He or she knows exactly how well different songs work together, allowing for seamless transitions between music types. All you have to do is tell them what sort of mix you’re looking for and they’ll take care of the rest.

Hair and Makeup

Whether you’re the bride or groom, wanting to look good at your wedding is a no-brainer; however, looking your best when getting married requires more effort than dressing up for a night out.

If you’re lucky enough to personally know a professional hair stylist or aesthetician, then that’s fantastic — but most of us don’t have that luxury. Fortunately, there are plenty out there to choose from, with price ranges to fit virtually any budget.

Like photography and music, there’s a certain art to finding the perfect balance. You can roll the dice and rely on your own skills, or spend the money on an expert. Your wedding sets the foundation for the rest of your life, so a good physical impression makes a big difference.

The tasks and expenses associated with weddings may seem daunting, and sometimes the complexity and stress of a DIY event isn’t worth the savings. Don’t let your wedding memories be marked by long hours of frustrating prep work. Investing in professionals means peace of mind.

Remember, money can be recovered, but your wedding is a one-time deal.

Beautiful Weddings on a Budget

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Beautiful Weddings on a Budget

Every couple dreams of having the perfect wedding, but the day of the bride’s parents footing the bill is slipping away. Four out of five couples now pay for their own wedding. The cost of the average wedding is $19,000, money that could be better spent on a down payment for a house, furnishings, or an extended honeymoon. Planning your own wedding will ensure that things are exactly the way you want them, without the expense of hiring a wedding planner for a “unique” wedding (which usually isn’t). Free online wedding planners are available to guide you through the necessary steps. The most lavish wedding doesn’t guarantee a successful marriage. You’ll have enough time for being broke later when you have children!


Pare Down the Guest List

This is the special day for the bride and groom, and for those nearest and dearest to you to celebrate your union, not an occasion to entertain those people you only get a Christmas card from or whom you feel obligated to invite. Keeping the guest list small creates a more meaningful and intimate wedding day, and gives the bride and groom time to mingle with all the guests. Invite only those closest to you, those whom you can’t imagine getting married without them being there.


Make Your Own Flower Arrangements

To save big money over professionally arranged flowers, do the arrangements and bouquets yourself or ask a friend who is skilled in the craft. Flower arranging supplies are available at most craft stores. Silk flowers can be as beautiful and realistic as fresh flowers, and the floral arrangements can be done weeks ahead of the wedding and stored in a dust-free environment until the wedding day. After the wedding service, ask the groomsmen to move the arrangements to the reception area, and your flowers can do double duty.


Serve Favorite Finger Foods

Skip the professionally catered buffet or sit-down luncheon in favor of finger foods and cake. Your guests came to see you get married, not eat. Ask family members if they will pitch in some of their favorite recipes, foods they know people enjoy. A good friend experienced in cake decorating will be thrilled to create your wedding cake, or look up a local cake-decorating class and ask if they have a student or teacher who would create a cake for the experience (plus the cost of supplies). If you have your heart set on a sit-down dinner, ask a group of friends want to give you a gift if they would cater the reception for you.


Party Favors

Make your own party favors, if you must have them. (This is a great excuse for the ladies involved in the wedding to get together for an enjoyable afternoon.) For example, purchase inexpensive clear glass votive holders and candles that match the wedding colors, cut round pieces of white net, and tie them in little bundles with matching bows. Small, inexpensive frames can be decorated with tiny silk flowers and can serve as place card holders at the reception.


Keeping Reception Costs in Line

Choose a site for your reception that includes chairs and tables, since these can be expensive to rent. Dollar stores are an excellent place to find white china, basic stemware, linens, and decorations at very reasonable prices. A CD boom box and CD’s can provide music for the wedding ceremony and reception. A karaoke machine can accompany the wedding singer and provide entertainment at the reception. Ask a friend who has a good digital camera to take wedding photographs and informal shots at the reception. Create invitations on your computer. If you don’t have any particularly talented friends, check with a local college for photographers, musicians, and printers who need experience and would provide their services so they can add them to their portfolio.


Wedding Togs

Wedding dresses can be quite expensive, but if you shop sample sales you may be able to buy a designer dress for a fraction of the original price. Consider shopping resale shops (my daughter found a gorgeous beaded gown for $75) or buying a white prom dress. Beautiful wedding dresses don’t have to break your budget. Don’t obsess over the dress, you’re only going to wear it once. Forget the penguin attire, and put the groom and groomsmen in sharp dark suits and white shirts that they can wear again for other special occasions.


Get Family and Friends Involved

Planning a memorable wedding day can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Don’t be a bridezilla and feel you need to have total control over every detail. Let friends and family take over part of the preparations, and thank them for doing so without nitpicking their choices. Be a relaxed and confident bride on your wedding day, enjoy your guests, and you will be creating wonderful memories for your friends and families!


Wedding Planner – Choosing the Right Wedding Favors

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Wedding Planner – Choosing the Right Wedding Favours

Wedding favors are a worldwide tradition and are the perfect way to thank all your guests for attending your wedding. They can also be personalized with names or a short message to make them a bit more special. However, before deciding on your wedding favors, there are a number of things you will need to consider first.

It is important to plan ahead

It is a good idea to plan your wedding favors in advance, as there are quite a few things to think about. The most important thing to decide is whether you are going to buy your favors ready-made or make them yourself. Many wedding suppliers start to get busy during the summer months, so you will need to consider the timescale for ordering your favors if you are going to buy them. If you are planning a large wedding, it is worth remembering that some favor ideas may be more difficult than others to produce in large quantities.

They don’t need to cost a fortune  

Some wedding favor ideas could end up costing you a lot of money, especially if you are planning a large wedding. There is also no point in wasting money on items that won’t interest people and may end up being left behind on the tables. If you find yourself struggling to come up with inexpensive ideas, then it may be worth asking family and friends for some advice or attending a couple of wedding fairs.

Choosing the right design

Wedding favors can come in all shapes and sizes, but many people prefer to produce small items that are easy to fit on the tables and for guests to take home with them. Try not to produce favors that are too large and complicated, as they could end up looking bulky and uninviting. If you really can’t decide on a design, you could try contacting some wedding favor suppliers to see if they will send you any free samples to help you come to a decision.

Color is important

It is important to color coordinate your favors with your chosen wedding colors. You could have the main part of your wedding favors in white or cream, and then have a ribbon or flowers added to them to match your color scheme. It is probably a good idea to try out a few ideas first to see how they look, and this could be done on a computer.

Is there a theme?

Some weddings obviously have a theme or take place in an exotic location. It is therefore important to link your wedding favor design into the theme. You could use exotic or dried flowers, shells, local crafts, or festive colors with sparkling lights. There are endless ideas you could use to make your favors an integral part of your table displays.

Position is crucial

Always place your wedding favors by each place setting so that your guests can see them clearly and won’t forget to take them home with them. You could even incorporate them into the place settings or place them inside the wine glasses.

What’s going inside?

You can put just about anything inside your wedding favor containers, such as the traditional sugared almonds, chocolates, homemade biscuits, miniature bottles of alcohol, toiletries, mini-games, scented candles, or jewelry – the list is endless!

They don’t all need to be the same

This is an important point, as you may want to produce different favors for men, women, and children. This would probably make it easier for you to decide on the design of your favors and make them a bit more personal for your guests. You could then perhaps have cufflinks for men, small bracelets for women, and sweets for children.

Consider a raffle

If you don’t fancy the idea of having lots of individual favor items on the tables, then why not consider a raffle? This could be anything, depending on how much you want to spend, from a meal out to a night away in a hotel. Everyone would then be issued with a raffle ticket at the table and it could be drawn after the speeches. This also helps to add a bit of extra excitement to the day.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to produce the perfect wedding favors for your special day. Wedding favors are an important part of your wedding day, and that’s why you need to make sure they look the part. A great wedding favor will be admired by your guests and is sure to be taken home at the end of the day.


Choosing Your Flowers For a Summer Wedding

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By: Nathan Starr

When you are busy planning your summer wedding, there is a lot to think about. You need to choose the location, select your preferred colors and theme, and of course find the perfect dress. Another important part of decorating for the wedding and reception is choosing your flowers. The wedding flowers are not only for decorating, but they are often used in your bouquet as well. Here are some tips for choosing flowers that are perfect for a summer wedding.

Consider Summer-Only Florals

You may live somewhere that has a mild climate where most flowers grow year-round, but why not take the opportunity to choose flowers only available in the summer? This makes your wedding more unique because weddings during other seasons will never be using them unless they aren’t using fresh flowers. Some beautiful flowers that are only available in summer include chamomile daisies, wildflowers, freesia, and poppy pods. You can also go with something like the lovely helios garden rose.

Go With Bright and Bold

Many couples like to take advantage of the season and go a little brighter and bolder with their wedding flowers. This is a great time to really add some color and life to your wedding décor. Don’t be afraid to go bright with colors like fuchsia, bright green, or a  more subtle violet. Summer wildflowers are often found in these shades, as well as some roses. If your summer wedding is going to be outside, teal and turquoise are always an excellent choice like the cremon or chrysanthemum. You can also go vibrant with yellow sunflowers for a happy and sunny event. With a summer wedding a little closer to fall, deeper colors like magenta and dark purple are good choices, which you can find in many lilies and daisies.

Consider a Classy Rose Look

If you want a classy summer wedding, one of the best flower options is the garden rose. There are many colors to choose from, so you can select just one color, or go a little bolder with multiple colors. These look beautiful with other flowers as well, like peonies or daisies. With garden roses, you can choose from summery colors like orange helios, pink romantic antique roses, or light pinkish-peach David Austin Juliet roses. There are also, of course, classic yellow and white roses if you want a more romantic look for your summer wedding.

Talk to a nearby florist about their summer flower selection so you can choose the perfect florals for a perfect wedding.

5 Tips For a Successful Outdoor Wedding

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Five Tips for a Successful Outdoor Wedding

By Kimberly Bissell

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, this can make for a beautiful reception, photo opportunities, and a more free environment for your guests to celebrate with you. With that, there are some outdoor limitations that can be met with simple precautions. Here are five tips to help plan a successful outdoor wedding.

  1. Options for Shade

If your reception will be in the middle of the day, having shade for guests is important. If there aren’t structures or an indoor space where guests can cool off, it is a good idea to incorporate shade into your event. This can be with canopies, umbrellas, or tents. As long as there are a few shade options for folks to sit down and get out of the sun, this should be enough to keep everyone happy.

  1. Don’t Forget About Bathrooms

If your outdoor wedding location is remote or in a park that has limited bathrooms, it might be a good idea to bring in some additional accommodations. Portable toilets run the gamut these days and high-end options are available if you would like something more classy for your wedding. If you do opt for a more standard portable toilet option, you can dress this up. Spruce up your restroom space with a tent and bring along items such as a table and a mirror to turn this into a makeshift powder room.

  1. A Plan for Rain

While you may have scoured over weather patterns and picked the perfect weekend that never sees rain, it still might rain on your big day. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by not having a backup reception plan that can be moved to an indoor space if needed. If you can pick a venue that has an indoor reception area or home, this can be a possible a backup. Large, sturdy tents are always an option and people can have cover if there is rain in the forecast.

  1. Optimize Photo Times

Depending on the time of your wedding reception, keep in mind scheduling the best time of day for photos when it comes to lighting. If your photographer can see the space ahead of time, they can better incorporate the natural setting into your photos. They can recommend photo opportunities before, during, and after the wedding and ensure that you use the natural light as an asset and not a hindrance.

  1. Flip Flops for Ladies

If your event will be on grass, your girls will try their best to keep heels on during your ceremony. This can get tough through the night, especially if there will be dancing and a lot of coming and going on grassy areas. Help folks out by offering a basket of flip flops so that ladies can have a shoe change during the event and keep their feet comfy and shoes damage-free.

Making sure your wedding guests are comfortable in an outdoor setting should be a priority. Be sure to work with the event space and inquire about common additions or precautions that other receptions have put into place to ensure a seamless event. If you can have your outdoor wedding space completely planned out ahead of time, there won’t be any surprises you can’t deal with on your big day. 

14 Gorgeous Wedding Gown Trends for 2018 and 2019

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14 Gorgeous Wedding Gown Trends for 2018 and 2019


Choosing a gown is a significant part of planning your dream wedding. Today’s gowns are found in styles across the board, so it’s easy for every bride to get just the right look.

Here are 14 beautiful wedding gown trends you’ll see in upcoming ceremonies. Which of them speaks to you?


Veil Across the Shoulders

Veils are no longer meant to simply cover your head. Modern designers are showing the soft, light fabric of veils being used over the shoulders or even pulled across the shoulders in front like a backwards shawl.

This is a really unique and beautiful way to cover a low neckline during the ceremony or to add a fashion-forward detail to an otherwise traditional gown.


Off the Shoulder Necklines

Gone are the days when every wedding gown was strapless. Now there are many options when it comes to sleeves or straps on your wedding gown.

One current trend is to wear a gown with straps that fall down around your shoulders. You’ll also see vintage looking gowns featuring a ruffle that runs across your chest and leaves your shoulders bare.


Plunging V-Necks

Bridal necklines are getting lower and lower, and the deep V is currently on trend. You’ll find gowns with v-necks as low as your navel. Some of the openings are wider than others and can often be altered to show as much or as little as you like.

Low v-necklines may also incorporate lace or sheer fabric into the design for added modesty.


Puffed Sleeves

This trend gives a nod to the poofy sleeves of the ’80s, but the fabric used isn’t as light. Today’s puffed sleeves are more like those found in Victorian times, with the structured puff often closing into a tight sleeve that can go all the way down the wrist.

This can be a very romantic style reminiscent of fashion from more than a century ago and is stunning at a formal ceremony.


Corset Bodice

Get ready to suck in your stomach as tightly as possible. The corset bodice laces up the back and is designed to pull you in tight.

The good news is that it can make your waist look outrageously tiny and your breasts look fantastic. The bad news is that it can be hard to breathe.


Palest Pink

Ivory, white and champagne aren’t the only bridal colors available anymore. Color is trending in wedding gowns and can be seen in bright details or a subtle, all-over hue.

Pale pink has now taken its place among traditional bridal gown colors. The shade is usually just a blush of color, almost undetectable. It works especially well in tulle and other light, flowy fabrics.



Rhinestones have been in the sparkly spotlight of bridal gowns for a long time, but many of today’s brides are leaving the shine behind in favor of more sophisticated pearls.

You’ll find pearls decorating bodices, running down the length of sleeves and being used as buttons down the backs of gowns.


Big Bows

The big bow is back. Once considered a relic of the past, you can now find huge satin bows on the backs of current wedding gowns. Sometimes the bow falls across the shoulders, but the vast majority are right above your butt.


Sparkly Belts

You will still see bling as a trend in gowns, but it is becoming more popular in accessories than in the dress itself.

Take a wedding gown to the next level with a sparkling belt completely covered in rhinestones or with a breath-taking rhinestone or crystal design.


Gold Details

Colors based on metals are making a big splash in the current wedding scene, and gold is everywhere. You’ll see gowns with embroidered gold patterns on a full skirt or with gold trim at the edge of the veil or along the hem of the gown.


Elbow Length Gloves

Long, elegant gloves haven’t been popular in recent bridal fashion, but they are set to make a comeback. You’ll find long, lacy gloves as well as gloves with beading or pearls along the length.

Use long gloves to make a casual gown look more formal.


A Touch of Black

Black and white wedding gowns are popping up everywhere in bridal fashion. The combination of black and white has always suggested formality and sophistication, making it perfect for weddings.

Black and white gowns are typically traditionally white with black details. There may be a black belt, subtle black beading on the bodice or black along the edge of the skirt.



It may not be the right choice for every bride, but fun, fabulous feathers are making a statement this season.

You’ll typically find feathers on the skirt of bridal gowns. There may be just a few highlighting the bottom of a trumpet or mermaid gown, or you may find layers upon layers on a ball gown.

This is a great choice for a quirky bride with a playful side.


Dramatic Trains

Drama is a buzzword in weddings today, and one amazing way to create instant drama is with a huge train.

Recent decades have seen a decline in long trains, probably because they can be impractical and require a bridesmaid to wrangle them. A big train can be a pain, but it sure does look amazing following a formal bride down the aisle, especially in an old church or another elegant setting.

Trains can be on the dress themselves, or they can be part of the veil.


Modern brides have a choice of many silhouettes, fabrics and themes when it comes to a wedding gown. You can add a trendy touch to your special dress with one of these 14 wedding gown trends for the 2018 and 2019 wedding seasons.



Have a Spectacular Winter Wedding with These Stunning Details

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Have a Spectacular Winter Wedding with These Stunning Details


Winter isn’t the traditional season for weddings, but it can provide an incredible setting for your perfect wedding ceremony. Highlighting the beauty of the season is an excellent way to create a unique wedding that you and your guests will always remember.

Winter weddings also bring practical benefits. Most of your venue and vendors will charge less for off-season services, so you can spend more of your budget on those special extras that make your wedding stand out from the rest.

Let these winter wedding ideas spark your imagination and get you started on planning the ultimate winter wedding.



Wedding planning often starts with choosing colors that you will use for your flowers, décor, and other details at your ceremony and reception. Winter offers some spectacular colors and themes.

  • White — Turn your wedding ceremony into a white wonderland by choosing white for your entire event. This bold and dramatic choice will give a sense of elegance and sophistication to your wedding day. Another variation on this theme would be to use white with accents in ivory.
  • Brown and Forest Green — Cold weather can conjure up images of a ski lodge or a cabin in the woods. Take advantage of this cozy idea by using browns and dark greens in your décor. It makes a beautiful backdrop for a rustic, barn wedding and goes well with mason jars, wooden displays, and burlap fabric.
  • Green and Red — Making use of the holiday season can provide a magical setting for your wedding as well as save some money if your church or other venue is already decorated. Deep burgundy and emerald green are a great combination. Use a gorgeously decorated tree as a focal point at your reception.
  • Blue and Silver — Light blue with silver accents will mimic the natural beauty of snow and ice. The silver creates shimmer and sparkle. Add crystals to your accents to play up the theme.



Use soft lighting for a warm and inviting atmosphere. Point filtered lights at the ceiling, and place soft lights at food stations or reception tables.

Candles are an elegant choice for evening weddings in winter. They give a glow that cannot easily be mimicked by electric lights, and they help to create a cozy feeling.

Soft blue lighting may work with your décor, especially if you are using blue and silver.

One fun lighting option is to have snowflake-shaped lights reflected on the dance floor and around the room during your reception.

If your wedding is holiday themed, place strings of lit garland all around the room and along the edges of tables.


Centerpieces and Tables

You have many options when it comes to centerpieces and other table decorations at your winter wedding. Mix and match different styles depending on your theme and colors.

  • Ice Sculptures — Ice is the ultimate winter decoration. Have a shining, beautiful sculpture created for your reception using your initials or a subject that goes with your theme.
  • Snow Globes — You can create or buy oversized snow globes to use as centerpieces at your reception tables. Choose glittery versions powered by batteries so guests won’t have to shake them.
  • Sleigh — A small wooded sleigh filled with flowers is perfect as a centerpiece or decoration for your cake table.
  • Pinecones — Place various sized pinecones around candles or vases. Your pinecones can be natural, or you can spray paint them in white or with glitter paint.
  • Ornaments — You can find beautiful ornaments everywhere during the winter season. Use a cluster of silver or white ornaments for a sophisticated centerpiece, or use bright colors for something more festive. Mistletoe and berries are another great way to add color.
  • Candy Canes — Tie two candy canes together with a ribbon to place at your guest’s table settings.
  • Log Slices — Log slices are excellent as a base for table decorations. Use several in a grouping or simply put some flowers on top of one.



Flowers are typically a substantial part of any wedding. You can go bold or traditional for your winter wedding flowers. Keep in mind that flowers out of season may be more expensive than those that are readily available.

  • Roses — Roses are the traditional flower of romance and love, so it’s not surprising that they are the most popular choice for weddings. Deep red or burgundy roses are gorgeous for a winter wedding. Have your florist add subtle glitter to the edges to give them an icy sparkle.
  • White Bouquets — If you are choosing an all-white theme, you will want your flowers to reflect that. Most flowers are available in white. A completely white bouquet with one dark red rose makes a dramatic statement. Baby’s breath is a delicate and whimsical addition to any white arrangement. It also looks good on a boutonniere or in your hair.
  • Holiday Flowers — If you are lucky, your venue may already be decorated with poinsettias and other flowers commonly used during the holidays. Holy and ivy are beautiful choices for bouquets with a holiday flavor, and floral arrangements in the shape of Christmas trees are sure to bring smiles to your guests.
  • Bare Branches — One way to make your winter wedding exceptionally distinctive is to forget flowers altogether. Instead, use clusters of bare branches from trees. Add strings of crystals or lights to create elegant sparkle and shine. Another option is to paint bare tree branches white or with glitter paint.
  • Rosemary — Sprigs of rosemary are lovely tied to napkins or attached to place cards. They also smell amazing.



Be sure to choose your clothing and that of your wedding party with the winter season in mind. Some winter brides make the mistake of picking a dress that is out of place in a winter ceremony.

  • Sleeves or Jacket — A strapless gown can look wrong in a winter setting. If your wedding is going to be held in colder months, consider a dress with sleeves. Even sheer, lace sleeves will add a sense of warmth to your gown. If you’ve fallen for a sleeveless gown, consider adding a jacket or bolero. You can take it off during the ceremony and put it back on for outdoor pictures. Also remember that your bridesmaids need to be kept warm, too. Choose gowns with sleeves or a jacket for them.
  • Faux Fur — Fluffy faux fur coats or jackets are perfect for a winter wedding. They look fantastic when photographed in the snow.
  • Capes and Muffs — Create warmth using fun winter accessories like capes and muffs for your wedding party as well as yourself. Velvet capes are gorgeous on bridesmaids, give you a seasonal look and add a practical layer. Muffs are beautifully old-fashioned and look great when bridesmaids are standing in a row together.



Winter dining should include food that is warm and hearty. Don’t forget a few treats as well.

  • Soups — Soup is a wonderfully warming food that offers an almost unlimited variety. Have several different soups that guests can choose from, or invite them to sample each type. You can serve your soup at a formal, sit-down dinner in bowls, or you can call it an appetizer. Divide the soup up among shot glasses or other small stemware so guests can walk with it.
  • Cocoa Bar — Bars that allow guests to create culinary works of their own are trendy at wedding receptions. That is because a bar makes a cute display, and guests get what they want. Set up a hot cocoa bar with two of three different types of cocoa. Then offer guests anything they might want to add. Include marshmallows, chocolate chips, cinnamon, whipped cream, and sprinkles.
  • Fresh Doughnuts — Your reception will smell like a dream when you have your caterer make up some fresh donuts on the spot. Nothing tastes better.
  • S’mores — If you’re choosing a winter forest theme, don’t forget the s’mores. Set up stations with burners so guests can toast their own. If you have access to an outside area, consider a campfire for a real s’mores experience.



Send your gifts home with something special to help them remember the winter wedding experience.

  • Blankets — Cozy throws make a wonderful wedding favor. Offer them as guests arrive so they can be used during the ceremony.
  • Tree Saplings — Top off your winter forest wedding by giving guest tree saplings to plant themselves. The trees will grow as the years go by and will be excellent reminders of your wedding day.
  • Jar Mixes — Give guests a tasty mix to take home. You can create a personalized cocoa mix, hot cider mix or even a brownie mix. Pour the mixes into canning jars, and tie a ribbon around the tops with instructions.
  • Maple Syrup — Locally produced maple syrup is a fun treat that friends and family will appreciate.

Your winter wedding can easily be the most memorable event guests will attend all year. Start with a theme, and then use these ideas to create a magical winter celebration that is all your own.