Set amidst a picturesque hill country style 1700 acre ranch, The Reserve at Dancing Elk boasts a litany of amenities to make it the perfect venue for any event!

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Client Testimonials

The Reserve at Dancing Elk Ranch is wonderful! There is a large, beautiful facility you can rent for special events. Also, there are exotic animals to see. I really loved that part!

Charlotte Herridge

Beautiful venue with spectacular views. The exotic wildlife was impressive! I truly had a great experience and will definitely be back!

Jeanette Torres

This place is a gem. From the exquisite decor to the exotic animals and friendly staff, everything about this venue is simply amazing. I hop to shoot another wedding here, very soon!! Love it!!!

Third Eye View

This is a beautiful venue. Absolutely loved the exotic wildlife.

Brenda Coons

WOW!!! What a beautiful venue!!! We traveled in from Ohio for a wedding, and this venue made it worth it! Food was amazing and service was also great!!!

Orianna Smith

This was amazing! Such a beautiful view all around! The plafe was clean when we got there and I definitely felt closer to nature. Its great for events too. The decor is perfect for country themed weddings. We had a blast at this place for my friend's wedding. It made it feel like a fairy tale!

Anna Ibarra

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